Such as: French, Spanish, Arabic, Manderin, Cantonese, Italian,...etc.

pssion led us here

We are looking for passionate, creative, and non judgemental volunteers.

Presently we are in need of welcome desk support, custodial support, social media support, ...etc.

If interested contact us: 705-734-9690 ext 231 or 281

jennieOur annual holiday season “Giving Tree” is now decorated through the gracious donation of our volunteer Jennie Haffey and her little elves from Sandy Cove.

Jennie spent countless hours knitting and preparing items for our clients or anyone in the community.

We hope that many mittens and hats find new hands and heads to keep warm over the winter season.

Many thanks to Jennie for her kind donation.

Dr.MikeA physiotherapist's role includes supporting patients to make healthy choices to help prevent disease and illness. Education and information help patients make the right decisions about their health care. Informed decisions can help patients stay healthy and manage illness if it happens. Physiotherapists encourage patients to be engaged in self-care to contribute toward improved health outcomes.

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Deceased 7:00 pm April 24, 2016
Lessons Learned
I am not a doctor of anything, phycologist or a writer, just a man who has been on a journey with the love of his life, which then had a very unfortunate ending.
In writing about this journey it is my intent to try and pass on the lessons learned so that others can hopefully be better prepared, though it is never enough.
Diana and I were married 28 wonderful years. Yes, we had rough times and it seemed that everything we did had to be done the hard way. When I started my business she provided unbelievable support of every kind, even learning how to do book keeping which she hated. Unfortunately, until 9 years ago she smoked. After many attempts to quit she finally achieved that goal and we were both very proud of her. Her motive for quitting was to try to make sure she lived on so that we could grow old together and see any grandchildren grow up.

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