pastarchivesThe spring and summer of 2012 was a busy time for the BCHC given the enormity of the work involved in the construction of the new building, meeting with Ministry capital project requirements as well as preparing for the relocation.......

BCHC Annual Report 2012-2013 HOT
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healthylifeA story of compassionate and coordinated care…. As a long standing patient of the BCHC, JD had been challenged by complex medical conditions compounded by poor housing and social circumstance. With no concrete advocacy for himself or his partner, it was noted by the BCHC clinical staff that JD was surely not able to live his life with dignity and receive appropriate and timely health care. The BCHC staff were all too familiar with the challenges and environment that faced this small family. In an effort that went far beyond what most pa ents would receive, the BCHC staff........

Fall 2013 Healthwise HOT
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BCHC was successful in relocating from 56 Bayfield Street to 490 Huronia Road with a minimal disruption of service. After a very long weekend and the work of many dedicated staff, the doors were opened for service on Monday November 5th Construction commenced in April 2012.

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Winter 2013 Healthwise HOT
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"A key focus of 2011/12 was to find a suitable location for the BCHC. Given the imminent expiry of the lease at the current location and no forthcoming capital dollars, the Board as well as Management were tasked with a challenging and exhaustive search process. A formal request for proposals was initiated in 2011/12 ultimately yielding a location that would more optimally serve the community for the next 20 years."

BCHC Annual Report 2011 - 2012 HOT
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The Ontario Child Benefit is a provincial financial support for low-income families to help provide for their children. As of July, maximum payments have increased from $50 to almost $92 a month for each child. That’s an increase from an annual maximum of $600 last year to up to $1,100 this year for each child.

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