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Health Promotion and Wellness

Check out our Health Promotion and Wellness programs.

A 4 week mindfulness program that teaches introductory mindfulness and emotion regulation skills to people struggling with mental health challenges. Participants will learn mindfulness techniques to assist with the connection between body, thoughts and feelings, how the brain/body processes stress and emotions, tools for emotion regulation, and develop resources for self-care.
Peer support group where individuals can walk through the stages of grief and learn how to embrace one’s own unique healing journey.
Are you or a member of your family struggling with anxiety that stops you from living a healthy, rich and fulfilling life? If the answer is yes, our 6-weeks anxiety support group is a great opportunity for you to learn new and effective ways of dealing with anxiety and overcoming past/present hurts, pain and fears. Take back your life, take back your health! Watch out for the next Anxiety Support Group.
A six week program with weekly 2 ½ hour sessions. This group provides a safe and supportive place for creative expression and friendship. The group meets Thursdays from 9:30 am to12 pm.
A smoking cessation program offered to registered clients by a TEACH certified Registered Nurse providing nicotine-replacement therapy and coaching at no cost.

A BCHC volunteer is a person who is unpaid and participates in a service, program, or sits on a committee of the Centre. Volunteers are recognized by BCHC staff for their unique skill set and knowledge and are placed in volunteer positions accordingly. Each volunteer has a current job description which outlines their role, responsibilities and which staff person they report to. BCHC program staff work closely with volunteers to help them develop new skills and improve their health and well being.

Many people will change their eating patterns or add more activity to lose weight, but tend to find that, over time, they may return to their starting weight. The My Best Weight Program has been developed to help individuals achieve and maintain their best weight using cognitive behavioural strategies, self-monitoring and dietary assessment. Often a weight reduction of 5-10% will create profound changes in your overall health and wellbeing.

Who can be referred?

Adults (aged 18+) with a BMI of 30 or greater, or those with a BMI of 27-30 with comorbidities (i.e. hypertension or diabetes).

We accept referrals from medical practitioners such as your family doctor.

What can you expect?

After you have been referred by your family physician or nurse practitioner you will be contacted by our administrative staff.

Your first appointment is a group information session where you will learn more about the program and the basic reasons why obesity is a chronic disease.

If you would like to continue in the program, we will rebook you for a one-on-one appointment with either a Registered Nurse or Registered Dietitian.

In your appointments, you and your Nurse/Dietitian will focus on behaviours, thoughts and emotions around eating and activity. We will provide support to focus on your personal overeating triggers; spot the barriers and help create a pathway to success.

We will also talk about the option to use medication or surgery to support you in your weight-loss journey. If you are interested in these treatments, your Nurse/Dietitian will arrange an appointment with Dr. Zatelny for additional care.

We offer flexibility for the follow-up appointments to match your lifestyle. When starting the program, we will usually ask to see you every 2-4 weeks either in-person, via video or telephone.

Learn the nutrition basics for older adults in this 5 week program. The weekly 2 ½ hour classes include nutrition talks, cooking and taste testing. The fifth week is an optional grocery store. Learn about cooking with new food (beans, chickpeas, kale) what to do with leftovers and receive recipes for l or 2. Come and join the fun!

Cafe Connect

Café Connect is a program that connects individuals and families to community resources and the resources of the Barrie Community Health Centre that enhance health and wellbeing.  Speakers, displays, presentations, cooking demonstrations/tastings are facilitated by Community Health Workers and Health Promoters.  Themes have included the celebration of Nutrition and Physiotherapy Month, Cancer Awareness/Screening/Prevention, stress reduction workshops, chair yoga, drumming circles, to name a few.  Please look for our upcoming Café Connect programs on the web site and feel free to drop in and enjoy time with our staff and other community members.

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