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Corporate Organization

Strategic Priorities 2009-2012

  1. Enhanced quality of primary health care delivery including improving effectiveness, accessibility, safety, client-centredness, equity and integration
  2. Improved Chronic Disease Management -To create and maintain innovative ways to manage chronic diseases with an emphasis on the determinants of health and self-management
  3. Focus on health promotion and illness prevention particularly for children and youth up to age 23
  4. Organizational Effectiveness -To improve the overall health of users and the quality of service provision through partnership, community engagement, and striving for organizational excellence


Overall Statement of RolesThe board of directors is a legally established body that has overall responsibility and accountability for the running of the organization.  The volunteer board is the cornerstone of the Centre’s structure.  Responsible and responsive voluntarism is dependent of those persons who by accepting membership on the board have assumed the duties of trusteeship and stewardship in maintaining the Centre and providing for its financial support.  Although a professional staff carries out the Centre’s service programs, the board of directors establishes the policies, guides the Centre’s development, and provides its leadership.

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Every One Matters

The Barrie Community Health Centre   “encourages personal responsibility for one’s own health and that of  the community through health promotion, illness prevention, chronic  disease management and integrated primary health care”

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