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Chronic Disease and Physical Activity

Check out our Chronic Disease and Physical Activity programs.

Barrie Chronic Back painIf you suffer with chronic low back pain, this 6 week program with weekly 1 1/2 hour sessions instructed by a Registered Physiotherapist is designed to help you understand the difference between pain that hurts vs pain that is harmful, learn pain control strategies, proper lifting techniques and customized core strengthening exercises as well as spinal anatomy and the role posture plays in your back pain. A referral from your Family Physician is required.



This 7 week program is an exercise and information program for people with mild to severe hip and/or knee osteoarthritis. It is held on Tues. and Thurs. afternoons for 1 1/2 hours and is lead by a physiotherapist. Find out the right way to move to reduce your symptoms of osteoarthritis.  Past participants say they have less pain and are more active as a result of the program.(HeartWise Certified)heartwise exercise

A 6-week program with weekly 2 1/2 hour classes. Designed to give individuals the tools and information to manage their health and chronic pain better.

This is a 7 week designated Heart Wise Exercise program, that is comprised of both physical activity and educational talks. Offered in the Spring, Fall and Winter (Indoor). Spirit Catcher (downtown) and at the Bayfield Mall in the winter.

Do you want to improve your health?
Do you want to learn to be active in a safe way?

Includes a complimentary six week membership to the Allandale Recreation Centre, Holly Community Centre and East Bayfield Community Centre




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The Barrie Community Health Centre   “encourages personal responsibility for one’s own health and that of  the community through health promotion, illness prevention, chronic  disease management and integrated primary health care”

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