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Deceased 7:00 pm April 24, 2016
Lessons Learned
I am not a doctor of anything, phycologist or a writer, just a man who has been on a journey with the love of his life, which then had a very unfortunate ending.
In writing about this journey it is my intent to try and pass on the lessons learned so that others can hopefully be better prepared, though it is never enough.
Diana and I were married 28 wonderful years. Yes, we had rough times and it seemed that everything we did had to be done the hard way. When I started my business she provided unbelievable support of every kind, even learning how to do book keeping which she hated. Unfortunately, until 9 years ago she smoked. After many attempts to quit she finally achieved that goal and we were both very proud of her. Her motive for quitting was to try to make sure she lived on so that we could grow old together and see any grandchildren grow up.

Rare Disease Day is typically recognised on the last day of February to recognise the need for better medical treatments for the over 7,000 different rare diseases with events held around Canada during the last week of February or the first week of March.

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Every One Matters

The Barrie Community Health Centre   “encourages personal responsibility for one’s own health and that of  the community through health promotion, illness prevention, chronic  disease management and integrated primary health care”

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